Customer opinion 1

Opinion of a customer who has purchased a second-hand house from Katitas:

“Though we had had a lot of anxiety, the careful service provided by Katitas led to our purchase going smoothly.” Mr. T and his wife living in Sanyo-onoda City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Interviewed in March 2016 (All figures below represent those at the time of the interview.)

Q: How did you find out about Katitas?
A: After we got married, we began looking for a biggish house at a convenient distance from our workplace. With information from a flyer inserted in a newspaper, we visited a second-hand property (of another company), but it was not attractive. Then we searched for properties with a smartphone and found Katitas properties. The house shown in the photo looked nice, so we decided to contact Katitas and look at the actual property.
Q: What was the key to deciding to purchase?
A: We personally like Japanese-style houses and the appearance of this house matched our preference. We were also attracted by the spacious garden. Having a garage was another reason for our decision. We have a large motorcycle, and we wanted a house that had a garage. In addition, Katitas provides a two-year warranty service for any defects in a second-hand house, which made us feel secure.
Q: What do you think of the reformed house and Katitas’ service?
A: Honestly, we initially thought that a used house would not be beautiful. But coming here and looking at the inside, we were impressed by its beauty and cleanliness. Having a big space was also perfect for the children. We had a lot of anxiety about the procedures of a contract, a loan application, etc. as we had never purchased a house before. But each time, Katitas supported us by saying, “the next step will be like this” and “please call us at any time if you have any questions.” That gave us relief. We had initially thought that the relationship with a salesperson would be an ordinary relationship between a customer and a real estate provider. But during the process, we found that we no longer have those views due to Katitas’ genuine support. We very much appreciate the service.
Q: How do you like living in the new house actually?
A: We just moved in a week ago, and are enjoying making the interior with our own design and decorating walls. We would like to make more changes as this is a big house.

Mr. T and his wife purchased a property from Katitas’ Ube Branch in March 2016. The land has an area of 240 tsubos (794 sq. meters) and the house has an area of 62 tsubos (205 sq. meters) (31-year old two-story house). Mr. T also owns a large motorbike, a Suzuki Hayabusa.

  • hey moved to the new house with their dog, and have decorated the interior in a stylish way by putting in brown-themed furniture and curtains.

  • The appearance with the traditional Japanese atmosphere attracted Mr. T. As the trees in the garden were so gorgeous, they remained as the part of the property for sale, which was rare among Katitas portfolios.