KATITAS features

Come to KATITAS, whether you’re buying or selling!

Established in 1978, KATITAS has bought and sold over 50,000 houses across its network of more than 100 branches nationwide and provides full support for customer house selling. Our eye for used houses provides us with strong remodeling plans, giving a new look to purchased housing, and we provide clean and comfortable reformed properties at a reasonable price.

Added value through remodeling and renovation

We promise those who want to sell homes a quick sale and peace of mind

Fast handling means quiker dash payment

It takes as few as three days from your appraisal request to our provision of the appraised price, and as short as three weeks for us to make cash payment

Talk with us about homes that have been rejected by other companies

We might be able to purchase homes that have been rejected by other companies because of how old they are or because of severe damage to the interior or exterior

There’s no need to worry about trouble post-sale

Rest assured that any problems occurring post-sale, such as issues with the home, will in general be handled by KATITAS.

We promise those who want to purchase homes a comfortable living environment and peace of mind

The majority of properties for sale have been remodeled

The majority of homes have had the kitchen, which tends to get dirty easily, and water piping in areas such as the bathroom replaced, so you can live in your house both comfortably and quickly.

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Peace of mind even after you start living there

We thoroughly assess not only the buildings that we purchase, but also the property rights. We also check the exterior and interior before selling.

Payment in reasonable terms available

We mainly handle properties that sell for between 10 and 15 million yen. Also, leave housing loan referrals to KATITAS