Greetings from the company’s representative

Buying a home and living in a manner you wish provides a great amount of fulfillment to individuals and families alike. However, many feel that there’s no point in spending an amount you can’t afford, yet they absolutely don’t want to give up on safety and peace of mind.

We have worked to purchase and remodel used homes and sell them at a reasonable price to our customers at over 100 branches nationwide with strong roots in regional areas and under the motto of “peace of mind, cleanliness, and practicality.”

Compared with ordinary Japanese used home referral services, our business model has us purchasing houses and selling them ourselves, so although we bear a bigger responsibility for the house we are involved with, we are able to provide high-quality, remodeled houses at a reasonable price. We feel that this is our duty as housing professionals.

As a result, we have garnered the support of many customers, selling approximately 3,000 houses per year at present, with an accumulated total of more than 50,000 since the company was established.

Going forward, we believe the housing market in Japan will fully shift from centering on new houses to focusing on used houses that can be lived in for a long time owing to the refurbishing and remodeling of high-quality houses.

In such an age, we will work as a company to revitalize the used housing market with the hope of bringing the joy of living in a high-quality used home to as many people as possible, leveraging the experience we have cultivated to provide the joy of living in one’s own home to as many cities and towns in Japan as possible.

Katsutoshi Arai President and CEO
Katsutoshi Arai
President and CEO