Example 1

Examples of reforms of appearance:

Exterior development is intended to give a building or area weather resistance and improve its appearance. Enlarging a parking space is imperative in local areas. At the time of procurement, whether the parking space can be expanded is checked as one of the preconditions of a purchase. Depending on the situation, options such as purchasing adjacent land or reducing the space of a residence are examined.

This one-floor house with warped roof eaves and ruined outdoor facilities in the garden, etc. has been completely renovated as shown. (Aomori Prefecture) The tiles of the front porch were renewed and the front door was replaced with a new one. In addition, tiles have been put on the external wall to create a modern porch. (Kochi Prefecture) Garden trees along the external wall were removed and part of the retaining wall was taken off to create space for parking two cars in a vertical way. (Fukuoka Prefecture)