Example 2

Example of reforms of the inside:

In addition to the inevitable renewal of floors and wallpaper, we proactively change floor plans to create a comfortable space. Renovation is carried out to thoroughly eliminate the former owner’s tastes, while carefully selecting parts to be retained in order to curb any excessive increase in reform expenses.

The dining room and living room that were separated previously have been integrated as one dining and living room with the relocation of the kitchen. The floors and wallpaper have also been renewed. Thus, the residence has been renovated so that it is like a new house. (Saitama Prefecture) This old Japanese-style room has been changed to a modern Western-style room by placing walls between two tatami rooms accompanying a change from tatami to flooring. Retaining the old window frames helped curb costs. (Aomori Prefecture) The entrance has been transformed completely. The carpet floor has been replaced with wooden flooring, and the floor tiles have been changed to terracotta-like ones. A shoe box has been newly added. (Kochi Prefecture)