What we envision for ourselves and society in the not-too-distant future.

Bring as much joy as possible to towns and cities

We take responsibility and pride in our work as a pioneer in used housing rehabilitation, lead the used housing industry, help people live without wasting money while valuing local areas, and change the housing market.

We are greeted by the wonderful smiling faces of our customers who say, “I’m glad I sold to KATITAS” and “I’m glad I bought from KATITAS,” We cherish the bonds between our trading partners who say, “We’d like to work with KATITAS for a long time,” And we aspire to become a company that each of our employees can take pride in as a member of KATITAS.

In order to do so, we will acquire even better properties than last year, last month, and yesterday, plan as many good building products as possible, and sell as many buildings as we can to bring as many happy lifestyles to the most number of people.